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AirTV IPTV Standard Family Package: The New Choice for Home Entertainment

Do you know what AirTV IPTV Standard Family Package is? AirTV IPTV Standard Family Package is an affordable package that solves the differences between you and your family in your daily viewing of TV programs. Add fun to your family and save on subscriptions at the same time.

This tutorial guide will introduce you to the best IPTV service available —AirTV IPTV, which provides a Family Package type IPTV service. With the family package, You can enjoy the same IPTV service on your Android Phone or Android PAD, also You can enjoy it in your Living Room or Bedroom or Outside, saving a lot.


What is AirTV IPTV?

AirTV IPTV is a premium IPTV telegram service with the most stable application server and engineering team for more than 5 years. Have high-quality standard and HD live channels, especially hot and wonderful live sports channels. And the server is efficient and stable, which ensures you get better quality when watching HD channels and VOD with zero buffer.

The biggest feature of AirTV IPTV service is its IPTV Family Package. It allows users to connect to more devices than normal IPTV services. It also offers two types of IPTV family packages (Standard/Extra Family Package), giving users more freedom in the number of connections to choose devices.

This article mainly introduces AirTV Standard Family Package to IPTV users. Read on to learn all about the AirTV IPTV Standard Family Package.

Feature of AirTV Standard Family Package

  • 1 x Standard 12months subscription
  • 1 x Sub 12months subscription
  • 7Days EPG & FAV
  • 2 Connections
  • 1000+ Live, 6500+ Movies, TV Serials
  • Save Over 35% for Family Second Device

With the family package, You can enjoy the same IPTV service on your Android Phone or Android PAD, also You can enjoy it in your Living Room or Bedroom or Outside, saving a lot.

Why choose AirTV IPTV Standard Family Package?

Compared withAirTVIPTV, AirTV IPTV Standard Family Package not only has all the functional services of AirTV but also can connect to one more device. And can save you 35% on a second device subscription. It is very convenient and cheap for families who often use IPTV to watch TV.

Details of AirTV IPTV Standard Family Package

The following is a detailed introductory guide to  AirTV IPTV Standard Family Package.

Live TV channels

AirTV IPTV Standard Family Package features over 1000 live channels, 6500+ movies, TV Shows, live world sports, and much more!

3 days IPTV Free Trial

The AirTV IPTV Standard Family Package is one of the most popular live TV options among wire cutters, especially among sports fans. You can enjoy a Sub Device 3-day trial of the best IPTV completely free with the Standard Family Package. Test quality flow and stability, then decide to buy an IPTV subscription.Get a free trial of Standard Family Package

FAV (Favorites) & EPG

AirTV IPTV Standard Family Package offers FAV (Favorites) & EPG features, allowing users to add favorite channels to FAV groups or create new live channel groups. With EPG’s capabilities, users are allowed to watch current and upcoming shows, and it also allows them to switch channels.

Number of Connected Devices

The AirTV IPTV Standard Family Package connects 2 devices, allowing you to connect a sub-device in addition to the primary device. You can enjoy the same IPTV service on your Android Phone or Android PAD, also You can enjoy it in your Living Room or Bedroom or Outside, saving a lot.

IPTV Subscription Price

The subscription price of the  AirTV IPTV Standard Family Package is relatively cheap. $230 gets you a 1 x standard 12months subscription + 1 x Sub 12months subscription. Get 35% off and save a lot of money.


Compatible Device

AirTV IPTV is compatible with Smart TV Samsung, LG, Sony, and all Android TVs; The IPTV service is also compatible with Android TV BOX, Android smartphones, and tablets, smart TVs, Firestick, Nvidia Shield…

Android devicesTV BoxFire TV / Fire Stick
Samsung PhoneFormuler Android OTTNVIDIA SHIELD Box / Shield TV
Smart TV (Android OS)Android TabletEnimga2 DVB Box

Customer Support

If you subscribe to AirTV IPTV Standard Family Package, you’ll get access to a 24/7 professional customer support team. In the process of use, any problem encountered, customer service at any time for you to solve in a timely manner, to provide a safe guarantee.

Advantages of using multiple devices in IPTV family package

Using multiple devices in one IPTV family package offers several advantages, including

  • Flexibility: With multiple devices, subscribers can watch their favorite TV shows and movies on different devices at the same time. For example, one family member can watch TV on the living room TV while another member can stream movies on their tablet or smartphone.
  • Convenience: Multiple devices allow users to watch IPTV content on the go. This is especially useful for frequent travelers, as they can easily stream their favorite shows and movies on their mobile devices.
  • Personalization: Each family member can customize their viewing experience on their own device. They can create their own playlists, save their favorite shows and movies, and even set reminders for upcoming shows.
  • Cost-effective: Using multiple devices saves money because it eliminates the need to purchase multiple subscriptions for each device. With a single subscription, subscribers can watch IPTV content on all their devices.
  • Improved viewing experience: Different devices have different screen sizes and resolutions, and using multiple devices allows subscribers to choose the device that best suits their viewing needs. For example, watching sports on a large TV screen provides a more immersive experience, while watching movies on a tablet provides greater mobility and convenience.

Overall, using multiple devices in an IPTV home package can enhance the viewing experience and provide greater flexibility and convenience for subscribers.

Standard Family Package FAQS

What is a family plan/multi-device/multi-room IPTV?

The AirTV IPTV Family Package, it can be called multi-device IPTV or multi-room IPTV. If you order a 12-month subscription code for the second device, you can save 35% for your family.

How to get AirTV IPTV Standard Family Package?

You can go to, click the IPTV subscription page, find AirTV IPTV Standard Family Package, and click Add shopping cart.

How much equipment/room does the family package support?

Up to now, family packages offer up to 4 devices as multi-room/multi-device subscriptions. 4 Devices require 4 subscriptions: 1 normal subscription code + 3 Sub Device subscription codes.

What is Master Device? What is a Sub-Device/ Slave Device?

  1. Install the Standards APK on device A.
    Install sub-device APK on device B.
    After activating the subscription code xxxxxxxxxxxs on Device A, fill in the same subscription code xxxxxxxxxxxs and bind Device B to Device A.
    Then Device A becomes the master device. Device B becomes the Sub Device device (the slave device).


Through the introduction of this article, you have a certain understanding of the AirTV IPTV Standard Family Package. You can subscribe to it as an affordable share package for sharing IPTV subscriptions with your family. We hope our family package brings you and your family a pleasant experience.

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