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Which is the best IPTV service in the UK for 2022?

Technology Development and COVID-19 influence, we have seen the rapid growth of IPTV services. Because IPTV is talking about the future of our favorite channels and movies. Therefore, IPTV services are the best choice for replacing cable TV. To watch the IPTV content in the UK, you need to get a UK IPTV provider like AirTV.

AirTV IPTV is a UK IPTV service provider that you can access a large number of UK IPTV content, including local channels, pay channels, and movies and TV shows, so if you have free time, you can choose AirTV IPTV as you Watch your favorite content anytime, anywhere.

Best UK IPTV Service

Next, I will tell you what valuable content from AirTV IPTV services for the UK users

Best IPTV Service Provider in the UK for 2022

IPTV UK Channels

AirTV IPTV provides more than 160 IPTV UK channels, And there are over 100 UK channels offering Catch-up. With this IPTV UK Channel, you can watch sports, movies, serials, news, and entertainment… The stream was very smooth with no freezing and buffering channel.

169 IPTV UK Channels

AirTV IPTV also offers live channels from more than 26 countries, you can view the complete IPTV Channels List here

IPTV Free Trial

AirTV IPTV provides a 3-day trial for UK users, is completely free, and does not require credit cards. You can get the full entertainment and check this IPTV service through this free trial.

For the trial code, there are some valued channels (as below) that can not open. Just Paid code can be opened.

  1. S** Sports Main event HD (UK)
  2. S** Sports5(IRL) (UK)
  3. S** Sports Premier League HD (UK)
  4. Eleven Sport1 HD (UK)
  5. Eleven Sport2 HD (UK)
  6. BT Sport 1 HD (UK)
  7. LIGTV(TR) 1,2,3,4
  9. BeinSport Series
  10. OTE Series (GR)
  11. NOVA Series (GR)

Save Favorite Channels

This UK IPTV service provides more than 1300 live channels and 3000 + VOD movies throughout the world, which you can set up live TV channels, video on demands to favorites, making your exclusive favorite list. AirTV IPTV can add your favorite channel in two ways, or customize multiple favorite lists, read this tutorial, you will be able to set your favorites like professionals.

EPG (TV Guide)

Using AirTV IPTV, you can always understand the latest program schedules of live TV channels such as British, Australia, Germany, Greece. This UK IPTV service enables you to understand the show on TV and playtime within 7 days.

In addition, this UK IPTV service also offers 3 EPG styles, including Normal EPG, Classis EPG, and UK users’ favorite Grid EPG.

You may not be familiar with the names of these EPGs, but you will find the most familiar EPG (TV Guide) style you will find below.

Grid EPG

Grid EPG

Normal EPG

Normal EPG

Classis EPG

Classis EPG

Video On Demand (VOD)

Living in the UK IPTV users, you can use the AirTV IPTV to view more than 3,000 VOD movies and TV series. If it is an AirTV extra user, you can also relive full events in VOD, from football to UFC, etc.


Catch Up (Playback)

AirTV IPTV has more than 250 live channels to catch up with 7 days. In the UK channel, more than 110 channels can play wonderful content that was missed over the past seven days. With this IPTV, you don’t have to worry about any time difference. This tutorial will tell you how to use Catch Up on AirTV IPTV.

DIY Recording (Cloud PVR, saving in the server)

AirTV also allows the UK’s IPTV users to record their favorite TV shows, movies, and sports events, you can record one or more live TV channels, up to 40 hours of cloud PVR storage.

There are more features about this UK IPTV, I will not introduce one more, you can learn more here.


AirTV IPTV provides high-quality UK IPTV services, trustworthy, and you can start a three-day IPTV trial without any fees. Therefore, I suggest you get this UK IPTV for 3 days before buying and testing all live TV channels. If you are satisfied with IPTV, please purchase a long-term plan, you will not regret choosing this quality IPTV service.

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