2022 How to Switch IPTV TV Guide style!

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IPTV has become an indispensable streaming media application in many homes. With IPTV application installed, you can have thousands of live channels and video on demand. But without the EPG guide, in any case, the IPTV listings and how to watch live would be a mess. I’m sure you’ll like it by learning that AirTV IPTV offers EPG guides for three different modes: Grid EPG, Classic EPG, and Normal EPG.

What is EPG?

EPG stands for Electronic Program Guide. It appears on your screen and can be changed or navigated between channels depending on what program and time it displays. For thousands of channels, the EPG guide is essential for ease, which makes it easy to select your favorite channel on IPTV.

What are the functions of EPG?

1.Grid GUI or graphical user interface.

2.A list of the available channels, along with airing schedules for all their programs.

3.Customization tools.

4.Search options.

5.Genre organized channels.

How to Switch AirTV IPTV TV Guide style! 

AirTV IPTV provides three EPG guides: Grid EPG, Classic EPG, and Normal EPG. The default EPG guide is used. When you install our application, you can choose your EPG according to your own style.


Some ways to get TV Guide EPG

AirTV IPTV provides two ways to switch TV Guide styles.

Method 1: You can select the TV Guide style you want on the AirTV IPTV home screen.


Method 2: Or you can go to the Settings-Misc, scroll down on “EPG mode” options, press the right buttons on the Remote to switch EPG(TV Guide) style. 


Learn all about AirTV IPTV’s three EPG modes

Different versions of subscriptions have different EPG styles.

Only standard (STB version) and Plus version (STB version) come with the classic EPG. 

1. Install standard STB version(blue) and Plus STB Version(red) on Android TV Box and Android Smart TV to get Classic EPG.

2. If you have the plus PAD version (red) installed on your PAD or phone, there is no classic EPG.

3. If you have the standard PAD version (blue), there’s no classic EPG either.

You can find it in the below chart.


Have you learned how to switch EPG on AirTV IPTV? Without the EPG guide, you’d have a hard time keeping track of what’s being broadcast on live TV channels.By installing our AirTV IPTV subscription service, you can not only enjoy the best premium IPTV.but also get more of the content you want, such as valuable sports channels and VOD on demand. You can also test our free 3-day service in advance!

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